Instructions for English speaking customers

AFTEK is a wholesale company from ARBRÅ in Sweden.

It was founded in its current form 2004th.

The factory, offices, warehouse and stores are to be found in its own building.

We import and flavour our products ourselves, with us you can get your own blend that no one else has, moreover with your own label with your logo.

Product are sold in bulk. We also sell pre-packaged bags.

Standard bags and tags appear in the directory, but can be exchanged for other colors and labels.

AFTEK is Food Certified and certified BIO production.

We are also members of the SAFE TRADE secure contracts and

PUFF Gift wholesalers association.

We have cataloques in English for tea, spices, coffee and candy.

If you register here: /register.php

You can see all our products in our web-shop.


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